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The Amazing Hotdog Neural Network

Just choose an image to upload and this convolutional neural network will tell you whether it is a picture of a hotdog!.......Probably.........

Ruling: ?????????

Hotdog score:

The hotdog score gives you and idea of how close the neural net thinks the object is to a hotdog. Values over 0.5 yield a "not hotdog", and values under 0.5 give the ruling hotdog.

I followed this tutorial to get this up and running. You can also check out my github repo to download the code for the neural network. The fitting is done in python using keras and then converted to a javascript application for the website. I use this in my classes to demonstrate a mathematical model and the pitfalls we can fall into if we don't understand how they work. Can you tell what might have been left out of my training set?

This is based on the show Silicon Valley, where they develop a Hotdog/ Not Hotdog app. This is not supposed to be terribly good at classifying hotdogs.