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Kevin Hannay
Chief Technology Officer
Arcascope, Inc



Currently, I am the Chief Technology Officer at Arcascope. Arcascope provides algorithmic solutions for tracking, predicting and correcting human circadian rhythms. Our technology allows for personalized predictions to be formulated efficiently and accurately using commericial wearable devices. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining our team at Arcascope or if you would like to partner with us.

Information and News


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Michigan, Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics, (2017)
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Texas at Austin, Mathematics (Honors), 2009
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Texas at Austin, Biology (Honors), 2009

Academic Publications

Google Scholar Profile
  • K.Hannay, J.P Moreno, Integrating wearable data into circadian models , Current Opinion in Systems Biology, 2020. pdf
  • K.Hannay, D. Forger, V.Booth, Seasonality and light phase-resetting in the mammalian circadian rhythm , Scientific Reports 10, 19506 (2020) pdf
  • K.Hannay, V.Booth, D.Forger, Macroscopic models for human circadian rhythms , Journal of Biological Rhythms, 34(6), 2019 pdf
  • J.P Moreno, S.J Crowley, C.A Alfano, K. Hannay, D. Thompson, T. Baranowski, Potential Circadian and Circannual Rhythm Contributions to the Obesity Epidemic in Elementary School Age Children , International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, Vol.16, Issue 1, 2019 pdf
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  • K. Hannay, T. Keitt, Invasibility, Coexistence and Spatial Structures in Networks of Competing Species , Senior Honors Thesis 2009
  • K. Hannay, O. Gonzalez, Reaction-Diffusion Models of Ecological Interactions , Senior Honors Thesis 2009

Current Research Projects

I am always interested in meeting new collaborators, so please do not hesitate to contact me!

  • Information Processing in Coupled Oscillator Networks
  • Wearable data and personalized models of human circadian rhythms
  • Seasonal Encoding in the Mammalian Circadian Clock
  • Hybrid Machine learning and Dynamical Systems approaches

Other Writings

If you are here you may also be interested in my writing for medium.

Software Development

I have been programming for over 15 years and really enjoy developing software. The most common langauges I use for programming are Python, Swift, R, Julia and C/C++.
  • Check out my github page for software I have developed.
  • A package which implements both my and some other circadian models is available on PyPI.
  • For my Schreiner University statistics class I have also written an RPackage which can be installed in R using the command:



I also have a side interest in hacking, penetration testing, reverse engineering and malware analysis. This has been a growing passion of mine for the last few years. You may see me competing in CTF competitions.